Find & Fix Compressed Air Program

A program designed to help you find and fix compressed air leaks.

A program designed to help you Find & Fix compressed air leaks.

The DTE Find & Fix Compressed Air Program focuses on providing customers with support to repair their compressed air leaks. The compressed air system is what keeps production moving. Leaks in the system can cause unnecessary demand and unplanned down time, which can be costly.

Eligible customers will receive a complimentary Compressed Air Leak Study* from an approved service provider. The program also provides incentives based on the leak volume you fix. Funds are limited so act fast!

*You must commit to fix at least 50% of the identified leak volume within 60 days of the completed leak survey.


  • Reduce operating costs

  • Reduce unplanned downtime

  • Increase equipment lifespan

  • Reduce unnecessary demand on your compressed air system

  • Access to vetted network of compressed air experts

  • Access to advanced leak detection tools and methods

Eligible Customers

  • DTE electric customer with an account in good standing
  • Use up to 15,000,000 kWh annually
  • Facility has an operating compressed air system with 750 horsepower, or lower. This total does not include back up compressors.

How It Works:

1. Schedule a free Compressed Air Leak Study with an approved service provider.

2. Fix at least 50% of the leak volume found during the study within 60 days. This repair work can either be done internally or by a service provider.

3. Fill out the program application to receive your incentive. The awarded incentive amount will be based on the volume of fixed leaks.

Fact Sheet

Below you can view and download the flyer for the DTE Find & Fix Compressed Air Program. This includes a detailed description of the program and the process!

Program Fact Sheet

Case Study

Below you can view and download a case study highlighting one of our many successful projects for the DTE Find & Fix Compressed Air Program.

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